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Rob's Page
(the utmost leader in original webpage names since late last week)

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"Be like water".

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The lead character in "Alien Adventure".
That's right: I can't draw for crap.

But you should see how awful he USED to look !

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A quick sketch up of a robotty thing.
What it'll eventually be used for, I'm not sure.

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An early version of one of the rooms you'll find yourself in
when you try to "Escape from the House".
Click here for larger version.

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Turniphead, the star of "Turniphead Adventures".
His head looks vaguely like a turnip.
And I think that's awsome .

Random Stuff 

(Apr. 3rd, 2004)

Here's a list of a few random things, including links to stuff that I've mentioneed to people through e-mail (but didn't want to fill your inboxes up with because I'm so freakin' considerate). Enjoy!

(Apr. 3, 2004)
Just in case no one's noticed yet, I can't draw feet. I'm working on it, but considering I've been drawing on and off for most of my life, it may be a lost cause. Oh well.

Thanks for stopping by.
(Maybe next time there'll be more to see...)

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