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Rob's Page (pictures section)

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Water: what has it ever done for ME?
Mental note: don't keep this theme forever --
I'll run out of lame comments to use.

(just click on the thumbnails to get to the big versions)
(and yes, some of them are Vicki's too)

parliament1.gif - 16046 Bytes
The main building of the Parliament in Ottawa
(that's me in front of it)

par_finger.gif - 17236 Bytes
Me giving Parliament the finger
(an attepted re-enactment of the Loony...
unfortunately, we didn't have the actual coin there
as a reference at the time... next time... next time...)

flame1.gif - 9515 Bytes
The Eternal Flame, in front of Parliament (blurry, sorry)

parliament2.gif - 7373 Bytes
Parliament building

par_phoon.gif - 7712 Bytes
A Phoon picture of me in front of Canadian Parliament
(What is Phooning, you ask? Click here !)


niagara01_edge.gif - 7317 Bytes
The edge of Niagara Falls

niagara02_edge_overlook.gif - 8157 Bytes
The edge of Niagara Falls

niagara03_american.gif - 8223 Bytes
American side of Niagara Falls (I think)

niagara04_bridge.gif - 8745 Bytes
The gorge, and a bridge

niagara05_rob.gif - 7913 Bytes
Rob (it's me, you fools!)

niagara06_rob_close.gif - 8132 Bytes
Rob, close up, with Falls in back

niagara07_side.gif - 7602 Bytes
Niagara Falls from the side

niagara08_robcoat.gif - 7432 Bytes
Me in a yellow raincoat

niagara09_maid.gif - 8183 Bytes
Maid of the Mist

niagara10_maid.gif - 7929 Bytes
Maid of the Mist

niagara11_horseshoe.gif - 7197 Bytes
Horseshoe Falls

niagara12_horseshoe.gif - 7266 Bytes
Horseshoe Falls

niagara13_rocks.gif - 8242 Bytes

niagara14_horseshoe.gif - 7358 Bytes
Horseshoe Falls

niagara15_cliff_side.gif - 7672 Bytes
Cliff Side

niagara16_horseshoe.gif - 7005 Bytes
Horseshoe Falls

niagara17_approach.gif - 7578 Bytes
The Approach (on the Maid of the Mist)

niagara18_american.gif - 8090 Bytes
American Side (Maid of the Mist)

niagara19_american.gif - 7424 Bytes
American Side (Maid of the Mist)

niagara20_american.gif - 7317 Bytes
American Side (Maid of the Mist)

niagara21_misty.gif - 6749 Bytes

niagara22_mistpeople.gif - 7387 Bytes
People in the Mist


niagara23_edge.gif - 7816 Bytes
Edge of the Falls

niagara24_misty.gif - 6967 Bytes

niagara25_vicki.gif - 8164 Bytes
Vicki by the Falls

niagara26_maid.gif - 7840 Bytes
Maid of the Mist

niagara27_falls.gif - 8236 Bytes
Niagara Falls

niagara28_lookout.gif - 7072 Bytes
A lookout

niagara29_falls.gif - 7103 Bytes
Niagara Falls

niagara30_gorge.gif - 8120 Bytes
The gorge

niagara31_sideview.gif - 8841 Bytes
Side view of the Falls

niagara32_group.gif - 7918 Bytes
The group

niagara33_group.gif - 8209 Bytes
The group again, with wind!

niagara34_closeup.gif - 6772 Bytes
Closeup of the Falls

niagara35_misty.gif - 7720 Bytes
Rob of the Mist

niagara36_tunnel.gif - 7845 Bytes
Looking out of a tunnel behind the Falls

niagara37_vicki_rob.gif - 8206 Bytes
Vicki and Rob

niagara38_horseshoe.gif - 7193 Bytes
Horseshoe Falls

niagara39_group.gif - 8283 Bytes
The group, again

niagara40_maid.gif - 8400 Bytes
Maid of the Mist, near the Falls

niagara41_horseshoe.gif - 6749 Bytes
Horseshoe Falls

niagara42_group.gif - 8534 Bytes
Us on the Maid of the Mist, minus Vicki

niagara43_group.gif - 8179 Bytes
Us on the Maid of the Mist

niagara44_american.gif - 7682 Bytes
American Falls

niagara45_ingorge.gif - 7973 Bytes
In the gorge

niagara46_squinty.gif - 8301 Bytes
Vicki and I, all squinty in the misty wind

rob_weeds.gif - 9314 Bytes
Rob in Toronto, on a bench by some pretty weeds

shakes.gif - 8853 Bytes
Rob and Vicki with mammoth milkshakes (we only know Metric!!)

sculpture.gif - 9313 Bytes
Vicki (a bit blurry, sorry) with a sculpture/ fountain


candy.gif - 9154 Bytes
Rob getting powdered candy stuff (in Niagara on the Lake)

candy_safari.gif - 9915 Bytes
Rob and Vicki in front of that Candy store (Candy Safari)

cute.gif - 9912 Bytes
Vicki's so CUTE! =P
(Rob ducks Vicki's psychic slap!)

niagara_onthelake.gif - 9102 Bytes
Niagara on the Lake

fort_rob.gif - 7992 Bytes
Rob, with a fort across the lake

fort_vicki_pepper.gif - 7642 Bytes
Vicki, with a fort across the lake, and a feta-stuffed pepper in her hand

directions.gif - 10126 Bytes
Vicki in Toronto, looking to a skankadelic sexshop
street lifeguard for guidance or directions

garden.gif - 10162 Bytes
A garden somewhere in Toronto

silver_snail.gif - 10238 Bytes
Rob in front of the Silver Snail

bf_candy.gif - 9205 Bytes
Vicki and her new boyfriend (wait 'til Bloom finds out!)

pubsign.gif - 10033 Bytes
The Bishop and the Belcher pub in Toronto

much.gif - 9980 Bytes
Rob, outside of MuchMusic's studio

cntower.gif - 9245 Bytes
Rob pointing at the CN Tower

rom01_totem.gif - 9015 Bytes
A great big totem pole at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in Toronto

rom02_egypt_art.gif - 7593 Bytes
Some Egyptian art at the ROM

rom03_outside.gif - 9969 Bytes
Rob, outside the ROM

rom04_statue.gif - 10178 Bytes
Vicki, with a statue outside the ROM

where_is_cat.gif - 7557 Bytes
Vicki and Rob, wondering where Catherine is...

bubble_tea01.gif - 8322 Bytes
Catherine FINALLY arrived...

and Vicki, Rob and Catherine went drinking bubble tea
(Jeremey took this picture)

bubble_tea02.gif - 8062 Bytes
Jeremy, Catherine and Rob drinking bubble tea


con01_cat_rob.gif - 8871 Bytes
Catherine and Rob at SarsStock in Toronto

con02_rob.gif - 8799 Bytes
Rob at SarsStock (with a blue finger)

con03_cat.gif - 8787 Bytes
Catherine at SarsStock

con04_sister_seekers.gif - 9855 Bytes
Two guys who were looking for one of their sisters at SarsStock, actually sitting down for once!

con05_vick_rob.gif - 10636 Bytes
Vicki and Rob, fatigued and at SarsStock


con06_parachutes.gif - 6311 Bytes
Spiralling parachutists

con07_stage.gif - 8901 Bytes
SarsStock stage

con08_vick_rob.gif - 10154 Bytes
Vicki and Rob at SarsStock

con09_stage.gif - 8636 Bytes
SarsStock stage

con10_vicki.gif - 8753 Bytes
Vicki at SarsStock

con11_stage.gif - 9218 Bytes
SarsStock stage

con12_cat_vick.gif - 8596 Bytes
Catherine and Vicki at SarsStock

con13_group.gif - 9301 Bytes
Vicki, Rob and Catherine at SarsStock

con14_stage.gif - 8958 Bytes
SarsStock stage

con15_stage.gif - 8621 Bytes
SarsStock stage

con16_stage.gif - 8364 Bytes
SarsStock stage

con17_stage.gif - 8771 Bytes
SarsStock stage
(why did I take so many of these?)

con18_cat_vick.gif - 8519 Bytes
Catherine and Vicki at SarsStock

con19_stage.gif - 6880 Bytes
SarsStock crowd

con20_stage_fire.gif - 4034 Bytes
SarsStock stage (with FIRE!)

con21_crowd.gif - 5281 Bytes
SarsStock crowd

sculpture2.gif - 8998 Bytes
Rob and a sculpture, not too far from the Toronto Train station...

fountain.gif - 9004 Bytes
Vicki and a fountain, not too far from the Toronto Train station...

bushes.gif - 9118 Bytes
Vicki and vegetation, not too far from the Toronto Train station...

(yes, we missed the train...)

suagrloaf01_vicki.gif - 9401 Bytes
Vicki on our local "mountain", the Sugarloaf

suagrloaf02_cton_ne.gif - 9254 Bytes
Part of Campbellton
(where I pretty much grew up, and live now)

suagrloaf03_cton_n.gif - 9748 Bytes
Another part of Campbellton
(I can see my house from here!)

suagrloaf04_cton_n.gif - 9244 Bytes
Another part of Campbellton

suagrloaf05_cton_nw.gif - 8678 Bytes
ANOTHER part of Campbellton

suagrloaf06_vicki.gif - 8654 Bytes
Vicki on the Sugarloaf

suagrloaf07_rob.gif - 8453 Bytes
Rob on the Sugarloaf

michaud_bkyard.gif - 10518 Bytes
Rob's parents' backyard

Special Bonus Image!

(and of other random stuff, too)

Picture pages, pictures pages, it's lots o' fun with pictures pages....

(Aug. 17th, 2003)

Heh, not bad. I put this badboy up and it's more or less working in less than 24 hours. Oh, the sense of accomplishment of me over technology. Of course, if would have gone alot faster had Tripod and this HotDog program not been wonky. I still have no idea why I'm unable to run a typical index page, but maybe that'll come...

On your left, you should see a ridiculously long column of thumbnailed pictures. Just click on them to see a larger version. It'll probably take a while for all of them to load, so sit back relax and be patient. (I figure I'll divide the photos up into sections or something eventually... that sounds like a sensible thing to do...)

Note, though, that not all of the pics are in chronological order. This is due to them being from different films, and my being too lazy to try to sort them out properly. Lazy. Eat it!

Also note that I've not yet checked through every picture. If any of them are broken or lead to the wrong picture, please let me know. Click here to send me mail!

Enjoy the pictures! There will be more to come in near future!

Bonus points to anyone who caught the Cosby reference for the title of the page, by the way. Extra bonus points if you know the rest of the words of the song (off the top of your head and WITHOUT looking it up on the Internet you snivelling cheaters!).

Thanks for stopping by.
(Maybe next time there'll be more to see...)


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