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Water is the theme of the day. Why?
Read all that pretty text to the right to find out.


We're working on it, please have patience...

(Aug. 17th, 2003)

Okay, so I'm just starting this page, so please understand that since I have little to no idea what I'm doing, that it may be a while before things are working properly and working right. If you're wondering about the "water" theme, it's a template that I chose in the HotDog PageWiz editor (trial version) that I picked up, and it was the nicest one that was there. If you want me to make up a story as to why I used the water theme, then I guess it's because there will be a lot of pictures of Niagara Falls that I'll be posting in the near future. Deal with it.

Hopefully I'll get a hang of it all sooner than later, and I'll have a big ol' gallery of pictures up from my trip to Ontario (as well as some other ones). I figure that I'll likely have some other stuff on here eventually too, but until I get some actual content up here, keep checking back every now and then to see if I've been good enough to update.

Thanks for stopping by.


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