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Yes, that's supposed to be me (in workclothes
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Vicki, Catherine and I at SarsStock in Toronto.
(summer 2003)
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Just for kicks, I thought I'd throw in a picture of
Turniphead -- the star of a game I'm making
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Notice how his head looks vaguely like a turnip.
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Oh well.

NEWS: This space has pretty much turned into a really dull blog... What? That's not "news" you say?... Yeah, you're right. =(

Crap. Just read some of the stuff anyway, okay?

(Oct. 31st, 2004)

It's Halloween Day, so Happy Halloween everyone! Since Mom got a new digital camera lately (on her trip to Ottawa), I finally got things up and running in terms of getting pictures onto the computer. Pretty easy, overall, though it was a little on the obstinate side there for a bit.

ANYway, if you want to check out some nifty Halloween pictures, click here.

And yes, I FINALLY picked up Dawn of the Dead (new version, Director's Cut) on DVD. Believe it or not, I haven't watched it yet, but I assure you that it's awesome anyway.

(Oct. 12th, 2004)

Holy mokey crap on a stick! I just found out that a movie follow-up to the (now cancelled) TV show "Firefly" has been shot and edited, and is set to hit theatres on April 22nd, 2004 -- it's to be entitled "Serenity", I assume to avoid copyright issues that FOX might have versus Universal studios. Having just recently finished watching the entire series on DVD, to say that I'm eagerly anticipating that day would be putting it lightly. Sure, it's not easy to find just anywhere, but if you haven't seen the Firefly DVDs yet, be on the look out for them. If you're a fan of sci-fi stuff, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" or "Angel", then you're BOUND to like Firefly (Joss Whedon, the guy who made the Buffy and Angel TV series was also the mastermind behind Firefly). Please do yourself a favor and find out as much as you can about Firefly and the Serenity movie, and try to make it to a theatre to see the film when it comes out.

"Why should I?" you may ask yourself. Well, if the movie does well enough, there's a fair chance that the TV show could be picked up by some network and raised from the dead. And if THAT happens, it sets a precedant for great TV shows to come that get cancelled DESPITE their greatness. If you've ever had a series you love get cancelled, you owe it to yourself to go see Serenity.

In other news, Dean and Adrian were down to visit for Thanksgiving weekend, which was great. Always good to see 'em.

Also worth noting is the fact that the new "Dawn of the Dead" movie will be released on DVD on Oct 26th.

(Sept. 24th, 2004)

Not much to report (and yet, in hindsight, this ended up being a significantly long entry. Hm. Sorry. Not reward monkey atthe end this time, though.). However, my brother Dave recently picked me up some cool stuff. First, he grabbed the complete Bone series book for me, and from what he says, it's super thick (and thus well worth the $50 or so that I'm paying for it). "It's about the thickness of two and a half VHS tapes", he says. Sweet. If you've never checked out the wonderful "Bone" comic books by Jeff Smith, do yourself a favor and do so today. Even if you have to grab the complete collection (at somewhere around $100 bucks for you, since you'd not get the nice discount I did), it's still a steal of a deal.

He also had the wherewithall to pick up a nice Wacom tablet for me, to replace the Jam Studio tablet that I'd foolishly bought a little while back (not sure WHAT I was thinking there), and got the thing at about $100, instead of the typical $160 or so pricetag. I'm not saying that my art's going to be improving right away or anything, but this could only help. Even with the meager powers of the Jam Studio tablet, I was able to conjure up some okay stuff, so this'll be a step in the right direction. For anyone who has any aspirations for moving into digital visual arts that HASN'T picked up a Wacom tablet yet, you should probably do so sometime in the near future. They're a wonderful tool.

I'm not sure exactly when I'll actually be getting my hands on all this cool swag, but rest assured that I'll be bragging about it a lot more in the coming months once I do. So get used to it, I guess.

If only I could exhibit enough self-restraint to actually SAVE some money for university next year, I'd be a lot better off. Still, tese two particular items were (once again) deals that I'd be just plain stupid to pass up. And as Vicki so wisely says "ya' gotta' keep the money in circulation". Hm. I guess that one good thing is that I don't really know of too many things that I'm really wanting in the next little while, save for the collector's set of the original "Dawn of the Dead" and the new version of it (I mean, SURE, there's always a load of various comics, CDs, DVDs, games and other such things.. but nothing that's all too new that's coming out that I know of that I want). Christmas presents aside, hopefully I'll be able to stop buying so darn much stuff in the coming months.

Oh. And I recently saw "Aliens vs. Predator" (I eventually found that trailer on my DVD that I mentionned below, too, but it was crap) and it really wasn't very good at all. Now, I wouldn't go as far as to say that it was altogether horrible, but it wasn't very good in any way, either. Unless you're a huge fan of either or both franchise, I'd say that it would be best to give it a miss. To be honest, even though there was an awful lot wrong with the movie (from plot, to cinematography to continuity details to downright stupidity) the thing that really bugged me most about the movie is that it seemed WAY too short. By the time it was over, it seemed like very little had actually happened. Sure, there's probbaly a lot of movies that could be accused of the same thing, but some other movies are able to make that sort of thing WORK. This one, not exactly being of high quality, didn't manage that all too well. So the moral is: if you REALLY would like to get into the whole Aliens vs. Predator mythos, just check out some of the original comics (the first mini-series was especially rockin'). Surely there are still some reprints or a trade paperback out there somewhere (on e-Bay, if nothing else). And if comics don't tickle your fancy, you can probably find the computer game out there somewhere, too (I own the thing, but haven't played it yet. I've heard really good things, though. It's supposed to be scary as ol' heck).

SPEAKING of scary, I can't believe that I forgot to mention that I played Doom 3 while I was at Dave's last time. And wow. It's freakin' incredible. Mind you, I haven't played a lot of the next generation games out there, being that I run an older PC, but MAN. It's still so crazy awesome, it's just out of this world. I didn't get all too far into it, but holy smokes. Cool game. Still, can't wait to see Half-Life 2 in action. May my high hopes not be crushed. Please Valve, don't dissapoint me.

(Sept. 19th, 2004)

On the 13th, someone introduced me to a WONDERFUL web comic called Kid Radd. Interestingly, it was the day of the comic's last issue: #601. I'm currently on #300 or so, and all I can say is that it's awesome. It's a bit slow-starting, but especially for anyone who plays video games and/ or uses the 'Net a lot, I really think you'll enjoy this. It's free, of course, so it's WELL worth your while to view each of the issues. I'm sure that you'll not be sorry.

And since it's the first update into the school year, as you may have expected, I'm back to school. Sure, I've only done three days so far, but it's a start, right? Anyway, I taught my first (and so far, only) day at the Alaqsite'w Gitpu School (AGS) in Listuguj. I must say that I was really impressed. A very good first day overall. If even half my days are that good/ easy when I'm there, I'd be MORE than pleased to go back.

Speaking of AGS (Adventure Game Studio again this time, not the school), I'm still working on various game projects here and there as time permits. I'm toying with the idea of making a quick "witch" themed game for Halloween. Whether or not it'll happen remains to be seen, though. If I don't though, I figure I'll at the very least try to put together something for the Winter/ Christmas holidays. Not the EarthBound game, but something a lot less epic.

Took another trip to Fredericton and Moncton in the beginning of the month and saw my old roomie, Pimp Tea perform (along with his partner in crime, "Rory Borealis"). There were some other hip-hop acts performing too, but Pimp Tea and Rory really stole the show, in my opinion (no offense to everyone else -- I just enjoyed Troy's stuff more). The Pimp Tea albums are one thing, but they're by FAR surpassed by the sheer raw power and enthusiasm that's poured into the live performances.

Also recently found out about a cool show called "Zeroman" that airs on Teletoon. Amazingly, the show stars the voice talent of Leslie Neilson (who plays a character named Leslie), and ALSO has none other than Don Cherry and Ron McLean playing two characters on the show (who are called Ron and Don, and are essentially themselves). Who in the world would have ever believed someone who told them that Don Cherry and Ron McLean would be playing villans in a cartoon show about an old man superhero who lives with his mother and uses flatulence to propel himself through the air? No one, that's who. But somehow the show exists. Either that, or it's a sure sign that I've finally lost my mind altogether. IF I find some pictures of Don on the show, I'll post them sometime down the road.

Teletoon's new "Delta State" seems like it could be interesting, too.

Looking forward to "Shaun of the Dead" and that movie where people get sucked up into the sky and dissapear and stuff (I forget what it's called but it looks cool as heck). EDIT: It's called "The Forgotten", and it still looks freakin' cool. And though a lot of people I talk to seem skeptical, I'm really looking forward to seeing "Sky Captain" anyway, if nothing else for its very slick visual style.

(Aug. 1st, 2004)

Recently started working on a new game project with someone at the Adventure Game Studio forums, called Akumayo. S/he seems nice. The game is called "Batler: The Rise to Power", and is a lite, RPG-ish kind of game. What I'm basically doing is making a lot of the art for the creatures in the game (though not ALL of the creature art). Yeah, I know I'm no great artist, but some of the stuff I made, I feel, isn't all that half bad. I just played through a demo of the thing, and though it's not nearly completed yet and it is on the simlistic side so far, it's pretty enjoyable. Not to mention a significant accomplishment, considering it's done with AGS and not something like RPG Maker 2000 or whatever.

Here's an example of one of the creatures I've made for the game:

a merman

I'm not sure when the game will be completed, exactly (Akumayo estimated it at 10% complete at the moment), but I'd say it's coming along well so far. Once there are credits for the thing, I'll be in there under the screen name of "Ozwalled".

That aside, I'm leaning more and more toward making a zombie game, similar in concept to, say, Resident Evil 2 (the game), but with some significant differences. That being said, I can't wait for the new Dawn of the Dead movie to come out on DVD. I am SO buying it.

(July 13th, 2004)

If you feel like the page is looking slightly different lately, that's probably because it is. I USED to be using Hotdog's PageWiz to make this page, but for some unknown reason, it started acting weird for me today. Frankly, I've had enough of its frustration for now, so I've moved on to Netscape's Composer to do the page. Yes, it has its own shortcomings, but at least it seems to be letting me do some of the stupid things that PageWiz seems to not want me to recently.


Took a little trip to Fredericton (and Moncton) recently, and spent far too much money while I was there (not to mention gas money!). Oh well. I suppose it was mostly either stuff that I needed or would end up getting at some point anyway.

That is, save for some of the comic books I bought. For anyone who's not aware, an event called "Free Comic Book Day" started a few years back, and this July 3rd marked the occasion for the first time. Dave and I had a BLAST at Mad City Comics in Moncton, and between us, we bought a boatload of comics for a mere 25 cents a pop (I took home more than him, mind you). We also picked up a bunch of free comic books that were being given away, and a free piece of cake. And for making an order, Dave drew for a free disposable camera (though he may just make a tazer with it, courtesy of The Dark Tipper, Kevin Rose). I'd go on more, but suffice to say that Mad City Comics did a WONDERFUL job, in my opinion, by FAR surpassing the paltry effort put forth by Mocton's Gamezilla. Oh well.

While I was in Moncton, I also caught Spider-Man 2. Awsome. Most everything about this movie was great, if y' ask me. In fact, I'm very hard pressed to even COME UP with something about it that wasn't great. If you haven't seen this movie yet, by all means, go out and see it now! NOW, I say! 'Cause it's so darn good that you'll want to see it a second time before it goes to video release.

While in Fredericton, I also picked myself up a (cheap) drawing tablet: a "JamStudio" tablet from KBGear. The thing pretty much sucks -- had I known how bad, I'd have never picked it up in the first place. It's no wonder that the company went out of business... Anyway, I am getting SOME use out of it, despite all the frustration, but if you're ever looking to get a drawing tablet, save yourself a headache and get yourself a Wacom tablet. From what little I've used of Dave's, they're well worth all that extra money, even if you're just messing around with it. Seriously.

Still, for what it's worth, once you fight with it and eventually sort of get it to work, here's what one could do with it (my first real attempt at drawing something with the thing): see?

Speaking of art stuff, I've not spent a lot of time this summer (so far) directly working on any game-related stuff, but I have been busy doing things like drawing up some animations, and generally getting used to making characters look like they're walking and stuff. I'm sure that all the practice will pay off in the long run.

Picked up a bunch of old games and DVDs and CDs on my trip, too, including the "Collector's Edition" DVD of Aliens. HOWEVER, it's SUPPOSED TO HAVE a trailer for the new Aliens vs. Predator movie on it, but, for the life of me, I can't figure out where it's supposed to be. Stupid FOX...

All the purchases aside, though, I had a wonderful time staying at Vicki's place just outside of Fredericton. Always a treat to see her for a while. While visiting, we went down to a party near Saint John, and lo and behold, who do I run into but this girl named Karla, who we figured out was a relative of mine (like, 2nd or 3rd or 4th cousin or something, I think). Go figure. What a small world indeed.

Oh, and I did happen to go see Van Helsing eventually, with my friend Rachel. UGH. What an awful movie. Though not nearly as bad aas I thought it was going to be, it was still pretty terrible. I'd tell you why by picking the movie's bad points apart, but that would mean that I'd have to relive my seeing the movie in my head, and that's something I just don't want to do. If feel the need to rent it when it comes out, don't. Just do yourself a favor and watch Cecil B. Demented, or Dawn of the Dead (new or old), or SpiderMan 2 instead.

Incedentally, I've been more or less ignoring all of the trades and stuff in the NHL this summer (though I do know that Hasek is signed with the Senators and that Joe Thornton will be playing in the Swiss Elite League next year). As such, I'm not sure if I'll have a good prediction for the cup winners this year before the preseason starts... I guess that I just invested too much time into the playoff race this year since Calgary went so far.

Well, until next time (and as reward for reading through that lengthy entry), here's a monkey to keep you occupied.

(June 13th, 2004)

Hm. It's been a bit since last update.

What can I say? I was watching the playoffs. Of course, unfortunately, the Flames didn't win the cup (though the made it to the final). = (

Oh well. At least Dave Andrechuck (sp?) has a cup now.

Ah. The school year's quickly coming to a close, meaning that I suppose that I should really look into getting some sort of employment for the summer months. Not sure what I'll end up doing, if anything, but I'll be sure to keep you posted if anything comes up.

Otherwise, I do have other stuff to be working on anyway, like scoping out universities (and maybe visiting Fort Kent while I'm at it), working on some game-making, doing some clothes shopping, exercising and cleaning my room. = P Hopefully I'll even get out of Campbellton for a while. Then again, I suppose I'll probably just end up wasting the summer browsing the Internet. Bah.

Oh, and my birthday went by recently, too. So if you're looking for a present to get for me, perish the thought and just send me large sacks with a clear "$" on them and plenty of money on their insides. What more could an aging, 26 year-old guy like me ask for?

PS- I've fallen in love all over again with "Oh, Henry" ice cream bars. I swear, these things are made by angels. SO delicious. If you've not eaten one yet, usually I'd say something like "you don't know what you're missing". For these, I'll say "nah, man... don't ever eat those" for the simple fact that it means that there's more out there for me. The food of the gods, I tells ya'.

PPS- Haven't got around to finsihing up the coloring on Justin's picture (see below). Again, I blame the NHL playoffs. If it makes anyone feel better, I've also been putting off calling some of my friends.

(May 5, 2004)

Well, it didn't work this time. = ( 

Oh well. It was a valliant effort, but a failed one nevertheless. Last night, as you likely already know if you follow hockey, both the Avalanche and Leafs got eliminated. Amazingly, though, the Flames took out the Red Wings a couple of nights ago. What a weird year. Still, at least there's still a Canadian team that's still in the hunt for the Cup... So, GO FLAMES! 

(May 2, 2004)

WOOT! It's working, people, it's WORKING!!! =) Though I missed the game while I was in Fredericton, apparently Joe Sakic scored the overtime winner in Saturday afternoon's game, bringing the  Avalanche THAT much closer to taking the series in seven. They can do it! I SWEAR they can do it! Just keep praying! Just two more in a row to go... KEEP PRAYING TO THE HOCKEY GODS!!! 

As you may also know, I went to Fredericton this past weekend. I bought a bunch of stuff while I was there and blew a lot of money. Had a good time there (and in Moncton) nevertheless, though, and got to see both parts of Kill Bill almost directly back-to-back. Sure there was a fair bit of violence in there, but as my brother Dave had said at one point, it was so over-the-top that it was more cartoon violence than anything. If you've seen the thing, I think you'd see what I'm talking about. Still, a very good pair of movies, if you ask me... even if Dawn of the Dead beats 'em anyway. = P

Dawn of the Dead WAS pretty awesome, though, and sets the bar for SO many movies to come (I could go on for hours about that one, let me tell ya'!... as I'm sure anyone who's willing to listen to me already knows),  much like the original did when it first came out.

On the flipside of the coin, I have to say that I'm thinking that Van Helsing looks like it's going to be nothing but a load of garbage (and that's putting it mildly). I suppose it COULD be good, but then again, I suppose I COULD be heading to the Moon sometime soon. Odds of either aren't very good, IMO.

(Of course, having said that and used a silly AOL acronym, there's a better chance that this'll be on Tech TV's "Unscrewed" sometime soon, in their "Dear Blog" segment...)

PS- Incidently, I think that Sakic's OT winner now ties him with Maurice "Rocket" Richard for the most all-time overtime playoff goals scored. Pretty freakin' cool.

(Apr. 29, 2004)

Finally! The Avalanche won last night, bringing the series to 3-1, in favour of the Sharks. I guess that all of our prayers were answered or something. Just three more in a row to go... Still, KEEP PRAYING TO THE HOCKEY GODS!!! 

And the Leafs won last night, too, but Philadelphia still leads that series 2-1. Montreal lost tonight  to the Lightning, though, sending the Canadiens out of the playoffs and to the golf greens. Another Canadian team out of the playoffs, but I dare say that the better (and more exciting) team won in the end.

Detroit and Calgary will be playing in a bit. I'm still figuring that Detroit takes the Cup, but Calgary's giving them a good run by playing with a lot of grit and passion. They're looking like a whole team of Sutters out there, under the guidance of their coach, Gary Sutter. If they can pull off the upset and make it to the next round, that man ought to be handed the coach of the year award right there (Tampa Bay's coach has a pretty good chance at receiving that award too, mind you).

Also, I'll soon be adding a section to exhibit student art that's kindly donated to me when I work. When I get really ambitious every now and then (and have enough time on my hands, of course). One piece that I receieved recently was from a 6th grader by the name of Justin . He does some pretty alright stuff that's in a comic-bookish animé/ manga style that works pretty well. Anyway, I've been working on colouring it on and off for the last few days, but haven't had enough time to finish it yet. Maybe sometime next week... Anyway, here's an early, crappy version of my colouring the character in the drawing. The shading in this one was done in about 45 seconds or so, so I'll actually be spending more time on that in a final version. Either way, feel free to take a peek at what it looks like so far. Oh, and if anyone has any advice insofar as getting rid of the looseleaf blue line, please let me know!

I'll also be heading out for the weekend for a brief trip to Moncton and Fredericton (so don't expect me to get back to you for a little bit). Should be fun.

(Apr.28, 2004)

Oh, for the love of Pete ! The Avalanche lost again! Please, O Gods of Hockey, let them pull off a miracle Leafs or Islanders 0 and 3 comeback to allow them to win the the next four games and take the series... Please? (oh, and while you're at it, let the Leafs do the same, okay?... 'cause they're pretty cool, too)

C'mon people, pray with me. PRAY DARN YOU!!

Ugh... at the very least, don't let them get swept. PLEASE don't let that happen. I'm begging you!

Anyway, SOMEHOW in a conversation with Vicki that I had recently, the old Ewoks cartoon came up. Even MORE amazing (by FAR, even) was the fact that she remembered how the Ewoks theme song started.

"We are the E, E, E, E, E, E, Ewoks..."

See? Amazing.

Though I've found a very bad audio file of the song, if anyone out there can possibly find some website on the 'Net that actually HAS the complete lyrics for that song listed, I'd be more than greatful. In fact, if you CAN find the lyrics, I'll post them on this website somewhere and dedicate that page to you for your... *ahem* contribution to society.

If you find such a website, please send it to me.

In case you people have no idea what I'm talking about, I'm not so sure you're missing out on much. And besides, you ought to be pretty used to having no idea what I'm talking about by now, right? Exactly.

(Apr.25, 2004)

Gah! What in the world is going on with the Avalanche? Losing to the Sharks? No! I won't stand for it!

In other news, I'll be adding some sort of new section soon, so you can look at some of the pictures I've been drawing up lately . It had been a while since I'd done any real amount of drawing, and I'm having an awful lot of fun doing it when I get the time. So if you're interested, be sure to check back often!

(Apr.20, 2004)

Well, it's that time of year again.

NHL Playoffs time.

Say what you will about NHL hockey, but I still enjoy watching it.

Except for last night, that is. And it's not because a team I didn't want to see eliminated was, or because a team I didn't like advanced. It's because I sat through a good portion of what was THE worst piece of playoff hockey that I'd ever seen. Last night, the Montreal Canadiens and the Boston Bruins, in my opinion, put on the most lackluster performance I've ever seen in a close game.

Though not everyone shared my opinion about this (based on a quick survey of some of the teachers in the staff lounge today), I truly can't see how anyone would have seen that game as anywhere close to approaching exciting.

From the bad to the good, though, we look at the Canucks vs. Flames matchup. Incredible game. Just unbelievable. High paced, incredible plays, amazing goals and outstanding saves. High drama (the Canucks scored with, like, 5.3 seconds left in the 3rd period to tie the game up). And even though I wasn't crazy about the Flames eventually winning the game in overtime, I was sad, more than anything, to see such a great series to come to an end.

In other news, Easter was good. I also work a fair bit in the next little while (for the rest of this week, and all but Monday of next), which is alwys nice to know in advance.

Also worth noting, though, is that, thanks to Dean (my older brother for anyone who's not in the know), I recently got the latest (and as far as I know, only) KAIJU BIG BATTEL release on DVD. For anyone who's not familiar with the world of Kaiju, please, do yourself a favor and learn more by clicking here . If you're wondering whether or not you SHOULD click on the link, if you DON'T, you should know that what you're missing out on is a stange mix of pro wrestling, Power Ranger-like giant foam costumes, and sheer insanity. C'mon. You know you want to. Click here now !

...Now wasn't that cool? Wasn't it? Don't deny it: you're baffled, and you're also very excited.

I'll go on record to say that the DVD was pretty darn cool, but unfortunately short. Still, it's something that has to be seen to be believed. As they said on Futurama: "you've seen it; you cannot UNsee it". In this case, truer words have never been spoken.

I also picked up the Weezer DVD a little while ack. If you're a fan, you can still pick it up at WalMart for, like, 13 bucks or something.

PS- Not that I'm pulling for them, but I'm predicting that the Red Wings will take the Cup this year.

(Mar. 24th, 2004)

Found out about a player that playes for the NY Rangers recently, whose last name is Tyutin (and it's pronounced "Too-Tin").

So Dad and I had been saying for a while now, that a team should pick up a set of players to make for some truly interesting announcing.

The players are now as follows:
-Jordan Tootoo (pronounced "Too-Too")
-Jonothan Cheechoo (pronounced "Chee-Choo")
-Jarko Ruutu (pronounced "Roo-Too")
-Fedor Tyutin (pronounced "Too-Tin")

Now, just take a second an imagine if these guys were on the same line and a game was being announced (try saying it out in your head or out loud for extra effect):

Announcer: "Tootoo to Cheechoo! Cheechoo to Tootoo! To Cheechoo! To Ruutu! Ruutu to Tootoo! To Ruutu, to Tootoo, to Tyutin! To Ruutu! Ruutu to Tootoo, to Cheechoo! To Ruutu, to Tyutin! Cheechoo shoots!..."

Pure hilarity would ensue. And as if THAT'S not bad enough, if you threw in Steve Ruchin (pronounced "Roo-Chin"), you'd have one heckuva' tongue-twister on your hands that, dare I say, not even Bob Cole himself could properly handle. The players would be hearing him laughing and swearing from ice level.

Unfortunatley, it'll never happen. But we can always hope...

Have a better NHL tongue-twister lineup, or a substitute for any of the players listed? Please, let me know.

(Mar. 23rd, 2004)

Guh. First update of the new year. If only I actually maintained this site with some regualrity, then some people might visit. Bah!

Oh, who am I kidding, anyway? No one comes here! =P

For anyone new here: yes, the site is pitiful, and looks to be made by someone's pet monkey (or possibly sloth). Deal with it.

Not much to report. I've been teaching a fair bit -- actually got in a whole in February with a grade 5/ 6 French Imersion class. They're pretty good kids, so it was pretty good for the mostpart.

As far as the page itself, I'm lazy, so I haven't done a whole load of updating to it since August (shameful, I know).

Well, that's not altogether true... I just haven't been telling many people about the super secret secret hidden part of the site that I've been working on. I like to tink of it as my abandonned warehouse, or since I'm technically one of the good guys, my Bat Cave  of sorts. I don't have any official links to it right yet, but if you're keen, I'm sure you can find the link SOMEWHERE on this page (or, you could click here, and you'll get there, too).

There, you'll find some information pertaining to one of the video games I'm working on making -- a fanmade game based on the Super Nintendo game "EarthBound" (known as "Mother 2" in Japan). There's not much there yet, but it something to mull over if you're bored, anyway. I'll be sure to post some more information about other projects as I flesh them out a bit better. At the moment, I'm doing a lot on the graphical side of things, more or less getting to know the program I'm using a bit better and trying to make up for all the time I haven't been drawing in the past 10 years or so. Practice makes percect or some junk.

And to any of my students who might be reading this page, if you're looking for some help in any of your classes (the end of the year is quickly approaching, after all), feel free to ask your parents to call the school or the school board office to set up a tutorial session. The rates are pretty fair, and I'm betting that with a little help, that I could boost your marks up considerably. Something to consider, especially if you're worried about getting a grade that's lower than what you and/ or your parents are shooting for. If you have any questions about all of this, just drop me an e-mail.

Oh. And sorry for the excruciating loadtime on the photos section for theose of us with dialup. But I deal with it, which means you can too. Snoogins.

On a sidenote, I FINALLY found a way to get my intro page up and running properly. I'd move this mainpage to that part of the site, but as you may know by now, I'm lazy. Lazy.

PS- Eddie Guerrerro is the champ on Smackdown right now, and Chris Benoit is the champ on Raw. So as of Wrestlemania XX, the world is a much cooler place. If I could only get my hands on one of the old "Cheat to Win/ Eddie Gurrerro is My Favorite Wrestler" T-Shirts like Chavo had to wear back in the WCW, I'd be rockin', too.

(Aug. 20th, 2003)

Nothing much to report today.

My life is exciting.

Oh, I changed the colour of the "followed links", so that their colour doesn't change to that ugly reddish colour that they used to change to. In fact, they shouldn't change at all anymore, at least not on the main page. It'll gradually be fixed on the other pages too. Scouts's Honour.

(Aug. 19th, 2003)

The RIAA beating down YOUR door yet? They could be soon. Click here to find out if you've been added to the RIAA's Hit List!

I was talking with Dave about it the other day, and I figure that I... well... if I was EVER to download music illegally with Kazaa, that I would have to change my screen name to something horribly and undeniably obscene, so that they'd maybe be hesitant to publish it anywhere. And if they WOULD try to sue me, I'd make a big stink over it, and make damn sure that I, and the media use my profane name as many times as possible during all the hooplah. Oh, the hilarity.

Don't ask me what that name would be, as it takes time to come up with a name so censor-worthy as the one I'm envisionning. And besides, you'd be too horrified by it even to see it on a computer screen, so there.

For the record, I'm not on the list, so I musn't be doing anything wrong. =P

[EDIT:Of course, I'm not reccomending that anyone actually DO this or download illegal files, for that matter. Just so y' know. It's what I like to call a joke. Dig it.]

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