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Planet Earth. Not a bad spot.
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What is EarthBound?

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EARTHBOUND: In the Year 199X +1...
(a fangame, title pending)

(Aug. 15th, 2004)



This game will be based on the SNES game called EarthBound. The lead character (at least at the start of the game -- other characters will likely be controlled as the game progresses), will be Ness.

The game will be a significant departure form the SNES game, both in terms of graphics and interface. Graphics will likely be a combination of scanned in drawings that are colorized by computer and art done directly on the computer. The game's art will draw from various inspirations, including the SNES game's graphics and the pictures from the Player's Guide, which came packaged with the cartridge. Don't however, expect 3D, state-of-the-art graphics. My artistic skills are passable at best, and the focus will be on story and gameplay, not on graphics.

The interface will be more similar to a third-person, point-and-click adventure style, as seen in numerous LucasArts games, in Sierra's later "Quest" games, and in the Revolution Software's two first Broken Sword games.

Being an "adventure" game, the game will not rely on combat nearly as heavily as did EarthBound. The focus of the game will instead be on dialogue and various kinds of puzzles. Though combat will not be at all the same as that in EarthBound, combat WILL BE INCLUDED IN THE GAME in some form.

Despite the graphical and interface departures, I hope to remain true to the mood and lighthearted feel of EarthBound as much as possibble -- I hope to keep it light, whimsical, quirky and humourous.

The game will be created and run through Chris Jones's wonderful, free game-creating tool, called Adventure Game Studio . I chose this program as it seemed easy to learn how to use and because it seemed flexible enough so that I felt it would allow me to accomplish most everything I wanted to. It also has a thriving online community, which I figured might come in handy for those times when programming problems arrise.

As far as the game's music goes, it'll likely be a mix completely original music (that try to keep with the "EarthBounyness" of the original tracks), of the familiar EarthBound music, and of remixed versions of the original EarthBound tracks. It's worth noting, though, that I'm hardly what you'd call "musically talented". As such, I may be looking for musical talents to give me a hand sometime down the road. Keep an eye on these pages for details, if you're interested.

The game will also be released in self-contained chunks that will be called "chapters". This is to make the creation and release of the game more manageable, as well as to give more opportunity for players to provide more feedback about the game as it progresses.

Feedback will be very important to me as I create this game. As much as I want to make this game, I want to make it for the fans, too. I'm interested in hearing your thoughts about what I'm doing and your opinions matter to me. I really do want this to be a game for the fans as much as anything, so let your thoughts be known! Hit me with a cool idea that I hadn't already thought of, and you may even get special mention in the game's credits.

The game's story will be crafted in such a way that it should be an enjoyable experience for ALL players, whether they've played EarthBound before or not. The story will be self-contained enough to satisfy players new to the series, and relevant enough to EarthBound to wow those who have played the SNES classic. In terms of content, the game will also be suitable for all ages.

As for the story of the game, it occurs about one year after the events of EarthBound have taken place. Ness and his family have left Onett and moved to another town in Eagleland. However, something odd is going on in this new town. Something odd... and frighteningly familiar...

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