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Water: what has it ever done for ME?
Mental note: don't keep this theme forever.

(just click on the links to get to the pictures)

The main building of the Parliament in Ottawa (that's me in front of it)

Me giving Parliament the finger (an attepted re-enactment of the Loony... unfortunately, we didn't have the actual coin there as a reference at the time... next time... next time...)

The Eternal Flame, in front of Parliament (blurry, sorry)

Parliament building

A Phoon picture of me in front of Canadian Parliament


The edge of Niagara Falls

The edge of Niagara Falls

American side of Niagara Falls (I think)

The gorge, and a bridge

Rob (me, you fools!)

Rob, close up, with Falls in bkg

Niagara Falls from the side

Me in a yellow raincoat

Maid of the Mist

Maid of the Mist

Horseshoe Falls

Horseshoe Falls


Horseshoe Falls

Cliff Side

Horseshoe Falls

The Approach (on the Maid of the Mist)

American Side (Maid of the Mist)

American Side (Maid of the Mist)

American Side (Maid of the Mist)


People in the Mist


Edge of the Falls



Maid of the Mist

Niagara Falls

A lookout

Niagara Falls

The gorge

Side view of the Falls

The group

The group again, with wind!

Closeup of the Falls

Rob of the Mist

Looking out of a tunnel behind the Falls

Vicki and Rob

Horseshoe Falls

The group, again

Maid of the Mist, near the Falls

Horseshoe Falls

Us on the Maid of the Mist, minus Vicki

Us on the Maid of the Mist

American Falls

In the gorge

Vicki and I, all squinty in the misty wind

Rob in Toronto, on a bench by some pretty weeds

Rob and Vicki with mammoth milkshakes (we only know Metric!!)

Vicki (a bit blurry, sorry) with a sculpture/ fountain


Rob getting powdered candy stuff (in Niagara on the Lake)

Rob and Vicki in front of that Candy store (Candy Safari)

Vicki's so CUTE!

Niagara on the Lake

Rob, with a fort across the lake

Vicki, with a fort across the lake, and a feta-stuffed pepper in her hand

Vicki in Toronto, looking to a skankadelic sexshop stree lifeguard for guidance or directions

A garden somewhere in Toronto

Rob in front of the Silver Snail

Vicki and her new boyfriend (wait 'til Bloom finds out!)

The Bishop and the Belcher pub in Toronto

Rob, outside of MuchMusic's studio

Rob pointing at the CN Tower

A great big totem pole at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in Toronto

Some Egyptian art at the ROM

Rob, outside the ROM

Vicki, with a statue outside the ROM

Vicki and Rob, wondering where Catherine is...

Vicki, Rob and Catherine drinking bubble tea

Jeremy, Catherine and Rob drinking bubble tea

Catherine and Rob at SarsStock in Toronto

Rob at SarsStock

catherine at SarsStock

Two guys who were looking for one of their sisters at SarsStock, actually sitting down for once!

Vicki and Rob, fatigued and at SarsStock

Rob's parents' backyard


Spiralling parachutists

SarsStock stage

Vicki and Rob at SarsStock

SarsStock stage

Vicki at SarsStock

SarsStock stage

Catherine and Vicki at SarsStock

Vicki, Rob and Catherine at SarsStock

SarsStock stage

SarsStock stage

SarsStock stage

SarsStock stage

Catherine and Vicki at SarsStock

SarsStock stage

SarsStock stage (with FIRE!)

SarsStock crowd

Rob and a sculpture, not too far from the Toronto Train station...

Vicki and a fountain, not too far from the Toronto Train station...

Vicki and vegetation, not too far from the Toronto Train station...

(yes, we missed the train...)

Vicki on our local "mountain", the Sugarloaf

Part of Campbellton

Another part of Campbellton (I can see my house from here!)

Another part of Campbellton

Vicki on the Sugarloaf

Rob on the Sugarloaf


PLUS MORE TO COME OF PARLIAMENT (and of other random stuff)

Picture pages, pictures pages, it's lots o' fun with pictures pages....

(Aug. 17th, 2003)

Phew, so I've managed to figure a few things out (mostly that Tripod is being simply retarded with me I have NO idea why I'm seemingly unable to make a regular index page as my main page, either.), and I've been able to get this show on the road. Well, I'm slowly backing out of the driveway, at any rate.

Once I get everything going smoothly, THIS page will contain a bunch of thumbnailed pictures (which I still ahven't yet made) for you to click on, so that you can see larger versions of the pictures. No really. It should even work. Honest!

Bonus points to anyone who caught the Cosby reference for the title of the page. Extra bonus points if you know the rest of the words of the song (off the top of your head and WITHOUT looking it up on the Internet you snivelling cheaters!).

As you can see on the right, though, there are links to all of the pretty pictures that you can click on for the time being. Sure, you'll be led blindly to the pictures, more or less, but it's better than nothing, right? Right?!

You damn skippy I'm right.

Thanks for stopping by.
(Maybe next time there'll be more to see...)


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