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Planet Earth. Not a bad spot.
I can see my house from here.


What is EarthBound?

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ARTHBOUND: In the Year 199X +1...
(a fangame, title pending)

(Aug. 18th, 2003)

Provide Feedback

This  is your chance to provide me with feedback about this fangame that I'm working on.

I haven't figured out how to use forms properly yet, so for the time being, what you'll have to do is provide feedback to me via e-mail. Before you provide feedback, make sure to look throgh some of the other sections under the "My EB Fangame" header, as they'll give youa better idea of what I have in store for this game.


Considering that I'm making this game almost as much for the fans of EarthBound as I am making it for myself, I figure that it might be a good idea to get your opinions on a number of issues, so that I can better build my game so that more people will be happier with it. Feel free to answer as many or as few of the questions as you like. Thanks!

(PLEASE keep in mind that although all of your comments will be read and considered, not all of them can or will be implemented in the final version of the game. IF I feel that you've contributed a significant idea that I end up using, I'll likely list your name somewhere in the credits, unless I thought of the idea on my own before hearing it from you...)

Just copy and paste these questions into an e-mail message and answer as many as you like, then send them to this address . Thank you for your time.

1) Though it's not likely that I'll be changing my mind on this, would you have rather seen direct ports of graphics from EarthBound (for the SNES) for this game, or new graphics?

2) Of all the characters in the EarthBound/ Mother universe (save for Ness), which six character would you like to see most in this game, even if it's only in the form of a cameo?

3) Of all the enemies in the EarthBound/ Mother universe, which six enemies would you like to see most in this game, even if it's only in the form of a cameo?

4) How do you feel about an EarthBound game being a point-and-click "Adventure" game instead of being a Role-Playing Game?

5) If you've played other point-and-click "Adventure" games, name a few, and let me know why you did or didnt like them.

6) A lot of people liked the music in EarthBound an awful lot. In your opinion, would it be best for me to simply re-use EarthBound's music? Or should I actually try to get someone to make original music for the game (hopefully music that would be faithful to the feel of EarthBound's music)? Or would a mixture of the two be better? Or would putting any sort of music in the game just be a mistake?

7) As you're likely aware, Ness didn't talk in EarthBound (or, we weren't TOLD what he was saying, at least). In your opinion, should Ness speak in this game, or should he remain silent?

8) This game will be released in a series of parts that I will call chapters, each of which will be self-contained pieces of the story. The upside of this is that downloads will be smaller and hopefully their more manageable size and the feedback from each chapter will keep me motivated enough to continue on with the project. The downside is that you may have siginificant waiting time between chapters being released. How do you feel about this "chapters" system?

9) Since this won't be an RPG, combat, though it will exist in the game in some form, won't be very much like that seen in EarthBound at all. What are your feelings on the change in how combat will take place? (NOTE: The combat in this game will likely take the form of inventory puzzles, conversation puzzles, logic puzzles, and combinations of these.)

10) If you've played other EarthBound fangames, which ones were your favorites and why?

11) If you've not played any other EarthBound fangames, why are you considering playing this one?

12) It's not likley that I'll be implementing the "Name Your Characters/ Dog/ Favorite Thing/ Favorite Food" ability into the game (frankly, I'm not sure how, even though I'm fairly certain it can be done). How do you feel about this?

12.5) Supposing that I DID give you some options for your favorite thing and favorite food, what would your favorite thing and favorite food be? (Though I'm not sure if I will, I *MAY* include at least some of the choices that people respond with for this question, so if you want there to be a chance that your favorite food and/ or favorite thing be listed in the game, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!!!)

13) Similar to questions 2 and 3, what characters, enemies or locations would you rather not see in this game, and why?

14) Supposing this game is any good, and that Mother 3 is apparently right around the corner, what do you suppose my chances are of having Nintendo making me cease and desist before I even get a third chapter out?

15) Speaking of the chapters, should each chapter have a seperate title? Or should they each be called something like EarthBound: (subtitle) -- Chapter 1, etc.? Let me know what you think.

For more information, click on the links on the left side of the page.

Thanks for stopping by.
(Maybe next time there'll be more to see...)

EarthBound is a copyright of Nintendo, Shigesato Itoi, HAL Labrs and APE Inc.
This site is in no way affiliated with Nintendo, Shigesato Itoi, HAL Labs or APE Inc.
Please don't sue the pants off me. I have no money.
And I need my pants.

No financial compensation shall be made from this fangame.

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